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Journalists embedded with the Iraqi army on the frontline battling the Islamic State group risk their lives every day to report on this must-crucial of wars. FRANCE 24’s team on the ground took a step back to look at these “information warriors”.
In Iraq, the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group is not just being fought on the ground; it is also an information war. While terrorists flood social networks with propaganda videos and photos, around 1,500 Iraqi war correspondents are currently covering the progress of the regular army and militias fighting their way to the terrorist group’s stronghold of Mosul. These “information warriors” are side-by-side with the soldiers.
The Iraqi journalists show incredible courage by filming the fighting up close and risking their own lives. Not all of them survive to file their reports for the next news bulletin. Proud of their country, they play an important role in the battle against the IS group and often appeal to God to win the “holy war against evil”.
Dominique Hennequin and Thierry Simonet report on the daily lives of these extraordinary war journalists.

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